Estou perdida. Não sei exatamente como explicar, mas só sei que preciso de um atalho, o meu atalho de volta pra algum lugar BEM distante desse onde vivo.

Lost. I don't know exactly how, but I know I need a shortcut, my shortcut to go back somewhere where I live that far.

E todo mundo morre algum dia, e eu estou perto de morrer. Mas preciso fazer um novo começo.
And everbody die someday, and I'm close to dying. But i need make a new start. ~

I need train my english again, i'm lost, and nobody else can help me. What i do? i'm dying.
I want to stay away from people who are bad for me, because i'm on a abism.

What i want is only you. cause don't matter nobody more when you're close to me.
what I'm writing is for you, nothing else I care if you're on my side.

i'm listen Avenged Sevenfold - Afterlife, and i'm thinking in my life who never think before.
I need you here with me. =/
i'm sad, but it is native, sick! Wanna one time for me, far away.

you're so hypocritical.


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